A Luxury Cat Hotel Is Opening In London, For When You’re Feline Fancy

It’s a boutique luxury hotel featuring five-star suites and gourmet food, exclusively for cats

If you’re feline a little fancy and want to book your pet in for a five-star treat, this is for you.

A luxury cat hotel is opening in South London this week, and it features all the trimmings you would expect from any luxury human hotel. And more.

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Located in Norbury, the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel offers six luxurious suites with garden views for their very special guests to inhabit. All rooms are climate controlled, and come with access to a safe private playing area (we imagine this to be cocktails and mingling with other guests). Entertainment is provided by specially hired staff, and cats may also enjoy paw massages or full-on grooming services. For dinners, the cat-guests are fed gourmet cat food from fine bone china, and can also enjoy minibar snacks at all times. Of course, there is also a turndown service.  

We are not kitten right now. This is a real thing.

Cr: Longcroft

Possibly beating several of our very own human holidays, it’s the perfect getaway for a cat with class. And whilst there is no strict dress code, we can already imagine them turning up with a neat little tuxedo bowtie, or perhaps some diamonds for the lady.

Cr: Longcroft

If you want to get a taste of the luxe cat life for yourself, the Longcroft luxury cat hotel is hosting a launch party this Saturday July 22nd. Don your best outfit, buy a cat, check it in at the hotel, and find out more on the Longcroft Luxury Cat Hotel website.

We have a feeling they’ll come back a changed cat.

h/t: TimeOut