Mamma Mia! McDonalds Has Just Released A Nutella Burger 

Don’t worry, it doesn’t contain any meat.

McDonalds writes on Facebook: ‘A soft sweetness has arrived that you will not be able to resist’

Cr: McDonalds via

The ‘burger’ looks just like the regular McDonalds burgers and also comes in their signature box, but contains no meat of course, just a melt-in-your-mouth dose of Nutella. NBD.

It can be picked up alongside hot beverages at their Cafe chains, and we imagine the queues to be very long and the people to be doing lots of drooling. Or maybe that’s just us. Heh…

“Try Sweety with Nutella now: soft bread with a creamy, indulgent centre!”

Cr: McDonalds

The teeny tiny catch is that the “Sweety con Nutella” is only available in Italy at the moment. But booking a spontaneous trip to Italy? No problemo. McDonalds Italy also serves up a scrumptious burger with Italian Pecorino cheese, and a creamy Tiramisu for dessert, alongside the usual apple pie and ice cream staples. 

Do you need any more reasons to move to Italy right now? 


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