These Everyday Items Turned Marble Sculptures Will Make You Do A Double Take

Wait ’til you see the dresses!

#Beautiful: 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 🗿 9/10

If you’re obsessed with all things marble, you’re going to fall in love with what’s coming.

Scottish artist Alasdair Thomson is turning everyday items into beautiful marble sculptures, and they look so convincingly like the real thing, you’re going to do some serious double/triple/quadruple takes.


The Italian-trained sculptor is turning large blocks of marble into anything from your favourite Nike sneakers to a bottle of Chanel perfume. Shaped to perfection, the marble sculptures truly show the artist’s skill and precision, as they appear to be both soft and realistic, and not a probably extremely heavy chunk of rock.

Clean and powerful, take a scroll through Thomson’s impressive marble work below. You’ll definitely recognise all of these items, and you’ll definitely rub your eyes when you realise they’re not just beautifully stoic, they’re made of stone too. Wowza.

All images cr: Alasdair Thomson

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