This Beagle Loves To Dress Up In The Cutest Costumes

A true master of disguise!

Meet Maymo – the latest style icon in Dog Fashion, and a self-proclaimed ‘master of disguise’.

Be it a unicorn, a koala bear, or even a carrot, beagle Maymo can transform into anything, and do it with all the poise.

If you thought you looked sorta cute on Halloween, think again. Because this beautiful beagle is about to out-do every costume you have worn ever.

Featuring some cute AF facial expressions and some on-point posing, take a look at these cute dress up shots below. They’re guaranteed to brighten your day. (And maybe inspire your next dress up party)

All images cr: Maymo/Instagram via BoredPanda

Which is your favourite?

h/t: Boredpanda