McDonald’s Releases The ‘Frork’ – A Fork For Your Fries

Because eating fries with your fingers just won’t do anymore. 

Did you know there are more ways than one to eat fries and a hamburger?

McDonald’s has come up with a ‘frork’ – a fork that has prongs made out of three french fries. Welcome to 2017, everybody. 

Cr: McDonald’s

The fast food giant has announced this very curious eating utensil on Monday, aiming to “solve a problem” that they acknowledge is not reeeally a problem, but roll with them. 

The limited edition frorks come with the introduction of McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipe menu, which includes burgers filled with toppings that are likely to drip and drop as you eat them. As shown in the video, we would normally pick up some fries with our fingers and dip them in the dropped topping, so as to scoop up whatever has fallen, and get all that saucy goodness. 

Now, however, there’s the frork for that. 

From Guacamole over to Maple Bacon Dijon or Barbecue sauce, the frork allows for easier (?), better (?), stylish-er (???) sauce scooping. Diners simply put a couple fries inside the utensil and dip as they normally would do. Except, using a frork, and stuff. 

The whole thing certainly requires some patience, and probably won’t do so well for hangry eaters. And we do have a couple questions. I mean, do we really need this? Who is going to use this? Does it even work? Also, what if I like eating more than three fries in one go? 


Whatever the reasoning or the marketing behind this quirky new item, one thing is for sure. We’re definitely craving some fries now.