McDonald’s Has A Super Special All Oreo Menu And You Gotta Take A Bite Of This

Get in my belly. Every single one of you. 

Oreo McFlurrys are cute and all, but McDonald’s is truly upping the stakes this year with an entire menu based on the creme-filled cookie. 

Cr: Oreo

Partnering up with Oreo, McD’s McCafe will be launching an Oreo Thins Delights menu featuring two drinks and two desserts, including an Iced Oreoccino and even an Oreo Tiramisu. 

There’s also an Oreo Chocolate Cheese Tart filled with cream cheese and gooey chocolate, perfect for when you gulp down that Oreo Tiramisu Latte as a hot beverage on the side. Drooling yet?

Cr: McDonald’s

Whilst the menu is making our cookie and cream hearts skip one too many sugary beats, the treats are actually only available in Hong Kong at the moment, and for a limited time only. 

What a coincidence. I need to jet there ASAP…

Cr: via Quickmeme

h/t: FoodBeast