At McDonald’s McSki, Diners Ski Through To Pick Up A Big Mac

Less drive-thru, more ski-thru ⛷⛷⛷

Take Me There: ⛷ ⛷ ⛷ ⛷ ⛷ ⛷ ⛷ ⛷ 8/10

Anyone who has ever been skiing knows that it can be quite exhausting, and that you can get quite hungry after a day of hitting the slopes. Sometimes it may even be so exhausting, that you can get quite hungry while you’re still on the slopes.

Do you see where we’re going with this…

At the top of a mountain in the Swedish ski-resort of Lindvallen, McDonald’s has opened McSki – a ~ski-through~ allowing hungry skiers to swoop on by for a quick bite.

Perfect for anyone who just can’t wait until they get back into town, McSki offers a fast and easy solution for a grumbling stomach and a yearning for hot fries. Yet whilst the little wooden hut looks unsuspecting, we are assured that the little eatery actually serves up the full standard McD’s menu, and people are certainly loving it.

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And I mean, there is a lot to love here.

Between the freakin’ adorable exterior to the clever (and caring) location over to the mere concept of rolling up to the window in skis (!!!), McSki has managed a fine balance between cute and cunning marketing. Located approximately 200 miles outside of Stockholm, tourists to the region are increasingly visiting the spot to take pictures and videos, and, of course, devour an 8-pack of nuggets in one sitting. I mean skiing.

The fascination is real

Perfectly convenient for anyone who knows what a pain taking off all your ski gear can be, the little eatery allows for satisfying your hunger whilst still being able to continue on in your pursuit of winter sports. Lastly, it’s also kinda cool (and creepy?) to know that McDonald’s is always there for your sudden Big Mac cravings.

Even if those occur on the top of a mountain in Sweden, lulz.

What do you think?

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