Merry Christmas From Apple! 72 New Amazing Emojis Are Here

Finally a face palm emoji.

Rolling out iOS 10.2., existing emoji characters are getting a swanky revamp, whilst 72 new characters have been added to the list. 

Cr: Apple via Mashable

There’s the working man and woman in many new careers, a facepalm, a selfie, lot’s of new smileys, some new animals, a tons of new food (very necessary). 

Cr: Apple via Hypable

All characters got a far more real-life and 3D look, perhaps stealing some of that emoji charm, but definitely in keeping with modern times. 

Check out Emojipedia for a great summary of all the updates, and update your phone now under Settings → General → Software Update. 

Which are already your faves? 

Cr: Apple via Hypable

Happy Texting and Sexting!

h/t: Mashable