Millennial Pink Lettuce Is A Thing Now So Salads Can Be Even MORE Instagrammable

This lettuce is keeping up with the times

WTF: 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 4/10

If you’ve stopped to take a picture of your salad as it arrived at your lunch table and often pondered why, after taking 17 shots, it still felt like something was missing. This may be it.

Millennial pink lettuce is a thing now, making salads super trendy again, and super colourful.

For all those who prefer their greens to be pinks, it’s the perfect mash up of healthy and Barbie. Properly named ‘Radicchio del Veneto’, ‘La Rosa del Veneto’, or ‘Pink Radicchio’ (though we seriously prefer ‘millennial pink lettuce’), the colourful veg is the latest hot and healthy food trend to grace our feeds.


Somewhat resembling a bunch of flowers, the pink chicory hails from Italy and parts of California and Pennsylvania, amongst other U.S. states. It develops its super Instagrammable colour by being grown normally for a certain amount of time, before being harvested in autumn and then replanted to be grown in the dark for the remainder of the time. This process is called ‘forcing’.

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Yet ‘forcing’ is something you’d no longer have to do as you watch this come served to your lunch table. The beauty basically posts itself to social media. With layers of gentle pink and stronger pink, entwined with some white shading, millennial pink lettuce is quickly becoming what smoothie bowls and veggie bowls used to be. Most commonly served as a salad (that one was obvious), the lettuce is often combined with similarly coloured fruit (think, blood oranges) or other common salad toppings. Based on this observation, we assume it does not vary too much in taste to green non-millennial lettuce.

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Dreamy with a touch of ‘La Vie en Rose’ (La Salade en Rose?), what do you think of millennial pink lettuce? Would you have a bite?

h/t: Delish