Meet Millie, The Doggie Concierge Greeting Guests At This Hotel

Hands/Paws down the cutest concierge at any hotel ever.

Pack your bags, ladies and gentlemen. We’re going on holiday. And we’re going to check in at quite possibly the most adorable front desk you will have ever seen.

Hilton Milwaukee is home to hands/paws down the cutest concierge at any hotel ever. Their front desk is manned/dogged by none other than Millie the Goldendoodle.

Everyone, meet Millie. Millie, meet everyone.

Hello there! Good to see you!

Sigh, can we stay here foreeeever?

The 9-month-old miniature Goldendoodle is causing countless “awwww”s and “so cuuuuteeee”s on the job at the Hilton hotel in Wisconsin. Here the adorable ~canine concierge~ sits and greets fellow hotel employees as well as guests.


Perhaps, if you were having a ruff night, you could come down to the front desk and have Millie calm you right down. Or you could never even make it to the room because you’d be too busy playing with this cutie.

All smiles

Owned by the hotel’s human concierge, Millie accompanies her buddy to work from Tuesday to Saturday, and is already becoming quite the sensation. Featured prominently on Hilton Milwaukee’s Instagram page, the four-legged concierge also has her own Insta handle and hashtag, #MillieAtTheHilton.

Millie and some pupp-arazzi

A representative from Hilton Milwaukee states, “Millie has been warming the hearts of many guests and travelers.” And we can’t even say we’re surprised. I mean, look at this hard-working babe?

N’aw Millie you ride the luggage cart, I’ll carry this

However, when Millie isn’t busy riding the luggage cart, the young pup likes to take a stroll down the hallways, sniff the fresh flowers in the lobby, or take a nap on the concierge desk. Understandably so, it must be tiring to be this cute all day.


Hitting hospitality for dog lovers right on the mark, we certainly woof this hotel’s adorable front desk management. Let the check-in process take as looong as you like…

h/t: TravelAndLeisure