This Artist’s Mini Food Embroidery Art Is The Cutest Meal You’ll See Today


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Here’s an artist that is combining two beautiful things – food and embroidery.

Japanese artist ipnot is stitching up a delicious storm with her mini food embroidery art, depicting and crafting anything from sliced apples and Nutella to full-fledged meals and beverages.

And that fork!!!

Inspired by her grandmother, ipnot started doing embroidery as a side hobby before turning it into her biggest passion project. Using a French knot stitch, the artist chooses from her collection of over 500 different coloured embroidery threads to create her adorable pieces. ipnot states, “as in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paint brush and I stitch one knot at a time.”

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And indeed, this beautiful attention to detail is definitely visible. The mini food embroidery has a very realistic touch – multidimensional, at times almost seemingly moving. Like something out of a vintage dollhouse, ipnot’s work is delicate and playful in one.

From lollipops and croissants, over to dumplings, sushi rolls, and ramen bowls – take a scroll through these beautiful mini food embroidery pieces below. You might start to feel very, very hungry.

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So cuuuuute

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