These Incredible Miniature Cities Are So Detailed It’ll Make Your Jaw Drop

You may need a magnifying glass to see them though…

You know how small children sometimes have dollhouses with little furniture and little accessories and little dolls? 

This is like that, except way, way, cooler, and way, way, more detailed. 

Artist Joshua Smith creates miniature cities housed in recreated worlds that look convincingly real – if it weren’t for their itsy bitsy size. 

The Australian artist has mastered the skill of microscopic art, and his latest project charmingly showcases this through his portrayal of urban life in an incredible small-scale model. 

Named ‘Temple Street’, the model is designed after a real building block in Hong Kong’s Kowloon City. Made using not concrete (though, seriously, we would’ve believed it) but cardboard, the tiny world features all the little touches that make up urban life – from the paper advertisements to the rust and the graffiti. 

Smith tells ArchDaily, “I want viewers to be fooled, if I take a photo of the completed work in sunlight, to think it is the real thing.” 

Joshua Smith, you’d definitely have us fooled. 

All images cr: Joshua Smith

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h/t: BoredPanda