These Modern Love Comics Are The Perfect Combo Of Pop Art And Pain

These are so spot-on. And also a lil sad.

If you’re looking for that perfect 1950s meme to sum up everything you’re feeling right now, Peter Nidzgorski may just be the guy for you.

The talented artist combines pop art with modern-day pain, through a series of colourful images that look like they’ve come straight outta Andy Warhol, my heart, and Tumblr.

Capturing the emotions behind self-doubt, harmful relationships, and love ache, Nidzgorski (who goes by Peteski), inserts common millennial dating and self problems into 1950s pop art speech bubbles. And the results are bang-on-the-table spit-on-your-neck spot-on.

The dramatic images have something very nostalgic yet very humourous about them, and are a fine reflection of meme and hook up culture. Featuring a lot of tears, smudged makeup, and a thousand and one tiny dots. I mean, it’s a recipe bound to impress.

Take a look at some of Peteski’s work below. It’ll definitely soothe your broken heart as you while away the time by the phone waiting for him to call. Just kidding, send him one of these and tell him to bugger off.

Happy scrolling!


All images cr: Peter Nidzgorski/Peteski

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