Momiji Tempura Is The Prettiest Autumn Snack From Japan

Itโ€™s made up of fried leaves!

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You officially know it’s autumn when the leaves on the trees turn fifty shades of fall – from brown to red, and every colour in between.

Yet whilst most countries witness the changing colour of leaves and merely admire or sweep them away, people in Japan are turning the fallen leaves into a snack called momiji tempura.


Where in the spring the Japanese people get together to enjoy the beauty of the cherry blossom trees, in the autumn they get together to enjoy the beauty of the maple leaves of Northern Japan.

Enjoy to look at, and enjoy to fry up and eat.


Momiji tempura consists of maple leaves that have been turned into a crunchy snack. Made up of a maple leaf dipped in hot oil to fry, and coated with sesame of sugar, the autumnal sweet treat is a special seasonal staple. The leaves collected in the autumn are collected and stored in a salt vessel for one year, and once fermented, taken out to fry in the sweet tempura dough. The leaves themselves are relatively tasteless, so the taste depends largely on the tempura batter and seasoning.

So cute

Momiji tempura has its origins in the Kansai region, with many roadside stalls selling the snacks to passersby. Becoming somewhat a tourist attraction, the momiji tempura is also sold packed as souvenirs for visitors to take back home.

It’s a gorgeous way to celebrate the season, and a delicious way to give fallen autumn leaves a second life.

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Crunchy and totally Instagrammable, what do you think of the warm orange snack from Japan?