Moscow’s Stunning Metro Stations Look Just Like Little Art Galleries

They’re the prettiest we have ever seen

Public transport stations aren’t normally places we look to for architectural inspo, and they aren’t normally places that make our jaws drop because they’re so beautiful. 

Not until we saw these Moscow metro stations at least. 

Canadian photographer David Burdeny has captured several of the stunning stations in all their glory – and without any rush-hour crowd in sight. 

Cr: David Burdeny

Reimagining the spots where we stand and wait for our next train, the photographs reveal several stylistic elements from pre-Soviet Russian Empire palaces which are delicately woven into the design of these modern metro stations. 

Cr: David Burdeny

Over 80 years old now, Moscow’s Metro is one of the busiest subway systems around the globe, with an estimated 9 million daily travellers moving across the 200 underground stations. Then again, with stations like these, who wouldn’t want to commute a little?

All images cr: David Burdeny

Check out more of Burdeny’s work over on his website for some architectural travel inspo. 

And while we’re at stations – you gotta see this incredible bus stop featuring a library, phone charging stations, and a rooftop garden. 

h/t: Demilked