Mum And Daughters Dress Up In Matching Outfits And It’s Absolutely Adorable

Wait ’til you see the Mary Poppins one!

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If you’re a mother and you have a daughter or you’re a daughter and you have a mother, you’re about to feel some feels.

Mother of two Dominique is making our hearts melt with the photos she posts featuring herself and her daughters in full-on matching outfits.

Amelia (11) and Penny (4) actively (and super adorably) take part in their mother’s “All That Is Three” project, which features images of the three beauties donning similar (and at times identical!) fashion and/or expressions.

Featuring everything from 60’s dresses to Mary Poppins and Game of Thrones, the series charmingly captures the bond between mothers and daughters. And also, some very clever costume ideas.

Take a scroll through the #AllThatIsThree photos below, they’re definitely going to make you smile.

All images cr: Dominique AllThatIsShe/Instagram

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