Mr Grey Will See You Now: Take A Frisky Tour Of The Apartment From Fifty Shades

This is thrilling. 

Enter the world of Christian Grey.

You know when you’re watching Fifty Shades and you’re really into it and you’re really feeling it and you’re slowly munching your popcorn with your eyes glued to the screen and all you can think is… wow, what a nice apartment!

Okay, probably not one person thinks that. 

Cr: ChristianGreysApartment

But it’s a valid thought. As FSOG sequel ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ is released in cinemas across the globe and our hearts beat faster and deeper for Ana and Christian Grey, absolute fans and real estate lovers can now take a 360 degree stroll through the four-floor Fifty Shades apartment through a truly intimate and slightly tantalizing virtual tour.

Cr: ChristianGreysApartment

Look out for a naughty object here and there (let’s not kid ourselves) and some very stylish interior decor. Yes, I’ll cut straight to it – you can enter the ‘Red Room of Pain’ too. 

Whilst unfortunately Mr. Grey isn’t home at the moment, ruffle up the sheets a little and check out the 360° Tour

Cr: ChristianGreysApartment

Anybody want to move in? 

(although we must warn you, your roommate would be… wild.)