Pressed Flower Nails Are The Spring Trend You Need At Your Fingertips

As our fingers finally crawl out from under winter gloves, spring nail art trends are cropping up everywhere. From the minimalistic over to the crazy detailed, it’s high time we start showing off our nails again, and what better way than by paying true tribute to the season?

Pressed flower nails are a thing now, and they feature fresh flowers at the tip of our fingers. 

Delicate beauties

The DIY trend involves using little wild flowers you can find anywhere, and goes by the old school method of drying and pressing to form daintily delicate nail accessories. 

Once the flowers have hardened, simply place them in playful shapes on your nails (which you will have prepped with a gel base) and apply a top coat to seal the fragile florals right in. Get creative with it and add in some gold flakes, and end up with a look that is entirely unique and truly encapsulates the spirit of the season. (Florals)

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So pretty

Remember how when you were a little girl/boy and you used heavy books to press together pretty flowers to keep? Consider this a stylish elevation of that. Or just an excuse to wear flowers on your fingers all day. You decide. 

What do you think? 

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And if flower nails aren’t your thing, have you seen wire nails

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Artist Creates Fried Egg Art, Wins At Breakfast

#Beautiful: 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 🍳 10/10

Have you ever looked at your breakfast eggs and thought, ‘you taste great and all but you look a little boring’?

Then this is for you.

Mexican artist Michele Baldini has got our bellies rumbling and our fingers itching for the like-button with his absolutely stunning egg art.

Known as The_Eggshibit on Instagram, Baldini is gaining popularity by putting an artistic spin on ye old breakfast eggs. Cutting and shaping them into extremely detailed and often times funny designs, the artist is putting all of our morning antics to shame.

You know that feeling when your fried egg turns out perfectly round with a lovely un-popped yolk bang-smack in the centre? Yeah, this is as visually appealing as that. Maybe times a thousand.

With the rise of food as a popular photo subject for social media, Baldini is giving #FoodPorn a whole new layer, and #FoodArt a delicious meaning. His work conveys a true eye for detail (and love for breakfast), and if it doesn’t make you a little hungry, you’re probably lying.

From famous company logos and movie characters to everyday objects and symbols, take a scroll through Baldini’s work below. You’ll never crack an egg into a pan the same way again.

All images cr: Michele Baldini/The_Eggshibit

Bloody eggscellent.

Follow The_Eggshibit on Instagram for whenever you crave an artsy breakfast.

Now, who wants to come for breakfast?

Warning: These Fuzzy Rug Cakes Will Make You Wanna Put Your Face In Them

#Beautiful: 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 🍰 10/10

It isn’t difficult for a cake to make us feel warm and fuzzy.

Between delicate decor and creamy icing, soft sponge and sweet sprinkles, cake tends to have a feel-good factor while you’re consuming it.

Banking on a whole new level of warmth and fuzz, these fuzzy rug cakes by LA-based designer Alana Jones-Mann are going wild on the interwebs, due to their maxed out adorability and cuddle-ablity. That’s not a word, but it applies. See for yourself:


Proving that cakes don’t just have to taste good but also look good, the fuzzy rug cakes have been dubbed so due to their appearance not quite different to those fluffy carpets that adorn swanky designer living rooms or 70s bathrooms. Made using colourful frosting, the little tips look almost as if they are moving – swaying with swag and flavour, you might say.

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Officially known as ‘shag cakes’, the sweet numbers often come with creative fillings from pistachio buttercream to classic vanilla, and are a showstopper at any even or party. Almost too good to eat (almost), the internet is falling absolutely IN LOVE with these cakes. And it’s not hard to see why.

Also, they have something about them that makes you just want to run your fingers along it and also rub your face all over it.

Know what I mean?

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Trippy and hippy, take a scroll through some of Alana’s fluffy and downright fabulous cakes below. You’re going to find them all kinds of groovy. And you might start to get all kinds of drool-y. (Oops).

All images cr: Alana Jones-Mann

Follow Alana Jones-Mann over on Instagram (believe me, it’ll inspire you) and stay cute. You little fluffball.

What do you think? Who wants a bite?

Millennial Pink Lettuce Is A Thing Now So Salads Can Be Even MORE Instagrammable

WTF: 🥗 🥗 🥗 🥗 4/10

If you’ve stopped to take a picture of your salad as it arrived at your lunch table and often pondered why, after taking 17 shots, it still felt like something was missing. This may be it.

Millennial pink lettuce is a thing now, making salads super trendy again, and super colourful.

For all those who prefer their greens to be pinks, it’s the perfect mash up of healthy and Barbie. Properly named ‘Radicchio del Veneto’, ‘La Rosa del Veneto’, or ‘Pink Radicchio’ (though we seriously prefer ‘millennial pink lettuce’), the colourful veg is the latest hot and healthy food trend to grace our feeds.


Somewhat resembling a bunch of flowers, the pink chicory hails from Italy and parts of California and Pennsylvania, amongst other U.S. states. It develops its super Instagrammable colour by being grown normally for a certain amount of time, before being harvested in autumn and then replanted to be grown in the dark for the remainder of the time. This process is called ‘forcing’.

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Yet ‘forcing’ is something you’d no longer have to do as you watch this come served to your lunch table. The beauty basically posts itself to social media. With layers of gentle pink and stronger pink, entwined with some white shading, millennial pink lettuce is quickly becoming what smoothie bowls and veggie bowls used to be. Most commonly served as a salad (that one was obvious), the lettuce is often combined with similarly coloured fruit (think, blood oranges) or other common salad toppings. Based on this observation, we assume it does not vary too much in taste to green non-millennial lettuce.

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Dreamy with a touch of ‘La Vie en Rose’ (La Salade en Rose?), what do you think of millennial pink lettuce? Would you have a bite?

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These Super Extra Birthday Cakes Are The Most Beautiful We’ve Ever Seen

#FoodPorn: 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂 🎂  11/10

If you or someone you know is a little extra, you/they are gonna love this.

I mean, LOVE this.

A young baker by the name of Adi Klinghofer is making our cake-loving bellies fill up with butterflies with her absolutely stunning and extra birthday cakes.

You Gotta See This: These Perfectly Geometric Cakes Are A Dream For Architecture And Dessert Lovers

The baker/artist/dessert-dream-come-true-maker extraordinaire creates birthday cakes for people who love their birthdays and cakes and everything beautiful and exquisite. Featuring the entire dictionary of all things dainty and gorge, the super extra birthday cakes are made up of a biscuit and meringue base (yuu-umm), and topped with anything from flowers and fruits to macarons and marshmallows in complementing colours.

Of course, they’re also super duper Instagrammable.

I mean, look at this beaut (and that colour combo tho):

It’s a birthday cake fit for a King/Queen, and looks almost too good to eat (almost, I said almost). Most of Adi’s cake creations are custom pieces, and often feature her client’s initials or age digits. It’s a lovely way to give someone a personal gift on their birthday, and also set the bar so high that no ever cake will ever live up to it. As the baker writes on her Instagram, “a party without a cake is just a meeting.” 😉

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Tear-jerkingly beautiful and deeply inspirational, take a look at Adi’s extra birthday cakes below. They’ll be the cherry (or in this case macaron/strawberry/peonies) on top of your day.

All images cr: Adi Klinghofer Home Made Bakery/Facebook

Follow Adi on Instagram, and never look at your regular birthday cake the same way again. Sigh.

What do you think?

Is This Gin Tonic Jam The Most British Thing To Have For Breakfast?

Get In My Belly: 🍸🍞 🍸🍞 🍸🍞 6/10

We were already tripping pretty hard when we found out Gin & Tonic Tea was a thing. Then a Gin-themed Spa opened and we went crazy for boozy massages. THEN gin pong graced our we three beer pong out the window and NOW…

Gin tonic jam, ladies and gentlemen.

Gin tonic jam is officially a thing, made by U.K. grocery store Firebox. Combining all the goodness of a classic gin and tonic cocktail repackaged, updated, and revamped for toast in the mornings, it’s quite possibly the most British way to have breakfast.

This, with a hot cuppa tea.

Cr: Firebox

Known as ‘Spreadable Gin’ the gin tonic jam (which actually goes by the far swankier term of ‘marmalade’) is made using sugar, lemon, gin, quinine extract (from tonic water), and citric acid. Truly, it’s your favourite afternoon sip in jelly form.

However, if you’re wary and worried to devour more than a little of the stuff in the mornings – do not fear. Whilst the jam does contain gin, we’re assured that most of it is cooked off during production. This means that you could actually spoon out the entire jar in one sitting (yknow, if you wanted to) without getting too tipsy.

Whilst this does sound tempting, Firebox states that the spreadable gin can also be used for baking, and advise that the jam tastes particularly good in a cucumber sandwich.

Honestly, it doesn’t get more British than that.

Cr: via

Certainly an intriguing addition to the breakfast table, get yours over on the Firebox website for £10 a jar. Cheers!

What do you think?

And if gin isn’t really your liquor of choice, have you seen this Wine Jelly?

We Wonder What Steve Jobs Would Have Thought Of These Apple Smart Glasses

#Design: 👓 👓 👓 👓 👓 👓 👓 👓 8/10

From the classic iPod to the iPhone and iPad to the Apple Watch, we’ve come a long way in mobile tech.

Now, a product designer called Taeyeon Kim has come up with a concept for Apple Smart Glasses, quite possibly a step in the right direction. Whilst Apple has not unveiled smart glasses of their own, we can’t help but think that these are very, very cool.

Take a look:

Taking sleek style inspo and colour palettes from Apple’s iPhones, Kim’s Apple Smart Glasses come in rose gold, silver, gold, and jet black (sounds familiar!!). The glasses are quite chunky in design, featuring two large black lenses, which we assume would be fully interactive screens. The temples are detachable, similarly to the Apple Watch, so anyone can customise their glasses as they like.

Clean and bold, Kim has also gone so far as to create some marketing shots, featuring cleverly edited models wearing his Apple smart glasses. A suave mix between Willy Wonka and Silicon Valley, the images do kind of make you want to pick up a pair…

Even packaged in that trademark minimal white and grey box, we definitely feel like Kim is on to something here. And if Apple does ever release another wearable, we hope it’s Apple Smart Glasses. And we hope they look a little like this.

All images cr: Taeyeon Kim

What do you think?

The Difference Between The First vs. Second Child, As Explained Through Comics

LOL #Relatable: 👯 👯 👯 👯 👯 👯 👯 👯 8/10

Between who’s smarter, who’s better looking, and who’s more loved, there’s not doubt that there is often sibling rivalry and comparison between the first and the second born.

Flipping the perspective a little, an artist called Weng Chen is illustrating where it all began, by depicting the differences between raising the first and the second child. And the images are as hilarious (and true!) as you would expect.

Whilst having the first child may be a tip-toeing balance of eating healthy and sterilising everything (I mean, everything), having the second child is a lot more relaxed. We’re talking junk food, second-hand toys, and even the occasional TV session.

In essence it’s a bit like getting a new dog and reading up all about dog psychology and healthy dog eating practices and good dog hygiene, before finally getting the dog and realising anybody could probably take care of it. It’s not that difficult. It’s not that fussy.

Except, of course, these are real human babies and not dogs.

(So still sorta the same dw).

Light-hearted and please, please, not to be taken too seriously, Chen’s comics are a playful and certainly relatable depiction of having kids. Whether you’re the first child or the second child, or a parent that has both, take a scroll through some of Chen’s work below. It’ll definitely make you chuckle.

All images cr: Weng Chen

Want more? Follow the VR game designer slash mom over on her blog ‘Messy Cow’, and always keep a cool head – no matter how many kids you’re raising!

What do you think?

This Artist Creates The Most Dreamy Landscapes With Her Needle And Thread Art

#Beautiful: 🌅 🌅 🌅 🌅 🌅 🌅 🌅 7/10

We formally thought of thread as something only our cats like to chase, but this artist is changing those thoughts entirely.

Vera Shimunia creates beautiful needle and thread art depicting various dreamy landscapes and sunshine-y scenes using solely a needle and some thread.

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⠀”Мужчина должен вступать в брак имея квартиру” ⠀Когда-то и я так думала. ⠀И теперь стыдно за такую категоричность. . ⠀Категоричность вообще женщину не красит, но сейчас не об этом. ⠀ Я честно почитала женские форумы на эту тему – там всё очень плохо. ⠀Похоже, что у всех женщин там мужья, как минимум, олигархи. ⠀Как минимум. ⠀В 20 лет, конечно же. ⠀Или должны такими быть. Иначе это не мужчина.. Ладно, отвлечемся от мнения экспертов 😬 ⠀ Всё неоднозначно в этом вопросе. ⠀Знаю мужчин, которые не видят смысла искать девушку, пока не обзаведутся своим собственным жильем. ⠀Знаю тех, кто считает, что имущество должно зарабатываться в браке общими усилиями. ⠀Знаю так же людей, которые не заработав на свою квартиру, критикуют тех, у кого квартиры нет, мол, как это вопрос не решён, а жениться подавай? ⠀Советчиков и экспертов в этой теме – толпа. Хорошо, когда это посторонние люди с форума, над которыми посмеялся и пошёл дальше. ⠀А когда это близкие, семья? ⠀Друзья, как считаете, имеет место категоричность в таких вопросах? Есть ли у вас подобные установки? Убеждения? ⠀ P.s. пока не поняла своего отношения к этой работе. Так что ни оригинал, ни открытки с ней пока купить нельзя. Потом обсудим ❤️

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Okay wowza

From winter forests to sunsets in the summer, Vera manages to weave together a kind of ‘embroidery painting’, using embroidery skills in place of paintbrush and paint. Detailed and delicate, the artist combines a stunning array of colours to bring together dramatic and enticing scenes, many of which seemingly appear to be emerging from the image.

Truly, it’s a way of capturing a landscape that we’ve never seen before.

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⠀ вот я и узнала, что такое иллюзия кластеризации. иллюзия – ключевое слово😬 ⠀ Так вот. ⠀ Это тенденция находить закономерности там, где их нет. ⠀ Наш мозг нуждается в связности истории, которую он рассказывает себе о мире. Поэтому мы склонны искать связь и логику там, где на самом деле имеется только набор случайных событий. ⠀ Пример: когда в лотерее три тиража подряд выпадает число «1», то на четвёртый розыгрыш большинство людей отметят единицу в билетах. ⠀ Или, допустим, кто-то ищет связь и логику, видя на часах парные числа 😔

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Between flower fields and cloudy beaches, take a scroll through some of Vera’s incredible needle and thread art below. They’ll make you feel like you’re dreaming.

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⠀Друзья! На днях подсмотрела в контакте очень интересное голосование. Пожалуйста, поделитесь своим мнением, можно просто поставить цифру 1 или 2 ! ⠀. ⠀Итак. ⠀. ⠀Включили фантазию. ⠀. ⠀Представьте ситуацию, горит Лувр. ⠀Вокруг вас пламя, вы в зале, где висит Мона Лиза, а рядышком свернулась калачиком случайно забредшая сюда милая кошечка. ⠀Она забралась под скамейку и жалобно зовёт на помощь. ⠀Времени у вас – секунды, есть возможность спасти только картину (величайшее произведение искусства) или кошку! ⠀Понимаю, что так себе ситуация, но вы же понимаете в чем суть выбора. ⠀. ⠀Это интересно! ⠀. ⠀Что выберете? 1. Спасу Мону Лизу 2. Спасу кошку

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закончила. ⠀на днях выложу сюда и на Этси (ссылка в профиле) ⠀• ⠀Знаете, мне частенько пишут: «Вера, твои украшения (если речь идёт о брошках или серьгах) недолговечны. Они же из ниток!» и «Вера, твои картины же не сохранятся на века, тебе не обидно? Может красками лучше?» ⠀Говорю: «ну да, это грустно». ⠀С такими людьми обычно разговор дальше не заходит. Потому что разное мышление. Их логика проста – хорошо то, что долговечно. Желательно ещё, чтобы после их смерти можно было завещать потомкам🤓 ⠀Прочно, долговечно – хорошие слова, только не про искусство. А я уже, с позволения некоторых авторитетных для меня людей, себя причисляю именно к создателям произведений😬 ⠀Так вот. ⠀Мои работы недолговечны, на снимках да, они останутся, но вряд ли столетиями будут передаваться от матери к дочери (хотя почему нет, смотря как ухаживать 😉). Да и энергетика от снимка так себе🤷🏿‍♂️ ⠀Отсюда моя, скажем так, целевая аудитория – это ценители момента, прекрасного (😳🙄) и труда. Которым приятнее иметь нечто исключительное. ⠀ И лично я вижу даже некоторую прелесть в том, что работа хрупка и недолговечна, от того она и ценна с е й ч а с.

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«Когда вы хотите, чтобы вас трогали, ласкали, возбуждали, сжимали — это страсть. ⠀Когда вы хотите, чтобы о вас всячески заботились, решали ваши проблемы, делали вам подарки, обеспечивали вас — это инфантилизм. ⠀Когда вы хотите, чтобы вас неистово любили, жить без вас не могли, разделяли с вами все свое время и отвели все остальное на второй план — это эгоизм. ⠀Когда вы хотите срочно родить ребенка от конкретного человека — это биология. ⠀Когда вы хотите, чтобы он срочно сделал вам предложение\она согласилась стать вашей женой — это зависимость от общественного мнения. ⠀Когда вы любите — вы ничего не хотите. Вы просто любите. ⠀Вы ходите по квартире, чистите зубы, отправляете рабочие письма, покупаете хлеб, пьете чай, звоните маме — и одновременно любите этого человека. Он может быть в это время где угодно и с кем угодно. Он может даже не знать о том, что вы его любите. ⠀Разные проблемы происходят и дальше, жизнь течет, как обычно, но все равно как-то вам улыбательно. Да, это не практично, иррационально и странно. ⠀Но именно это и есть любовь. ⠀Все остальное — просто человеческие страсти. ⠀Выстраивать можно отношения, а не любовь. ⠀Бороться можно за жизнь ребенка, первое место на конкурсе или свои права, но не за любовь. Ожидать можно ответственности за слова и поступки, честности или понимания, но не любви. ⠀Любовь — не имеет практичного результата. Нужно просто научиться называть все своими именами, и тогда все станет на свои места.»

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⠀легально ли вообще выкладывать столько раз одну и ту же работу в Инстаграм и надеяться вас ею удивить? ⠀ А если это любовь? ⠀ У меня вообще есть ещё миллиард фотографий Брюса, но он уже был недавно. ⠀ Своих фото нет 😐 где же они? Хмммм… ⠀ Вообще интересно, есть ли где то график зависимости количества селфи за день/месяц/год и, допустим, умственных способностей😄 да бред, конечно. Или нет?

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Один из таксистов Нью-Йорка написал у себя на странице в соцсети: Я приехал по адресу и посигналил. Прождав несколько минут, я просигналил снова. Так как это должен был быть мой последний рейс, я подумал о том, чтобы уехать, но вместо этого припарковал машину, подошел к двери и постучал… «Минуточку», – ответил хрупкий, пожилой женский голос. Я слышал, как что-то тащили по полу. После долгой паузы дверь открылась. Маленькая женщина лет 90 стояла передо мной. Она была одета в ситцевое платье и шляпу с вуалью, как будто из фильмов 1940-х годов. Рядом с ней был небольшой чемодан. Квартира выглядела так, будто никто не жил в ней в течение многих лет. Вся мебель была покрыта простынями. Не было ни часов на стенах, ни безделушек или посуды на полках. В углу стоял картонный ящик, наполненный фотографиями и стеклянной посудой. «Вы не помогли бы мне отнести сумку в машину?» – попросила она. Я отнес чемодан в машину, а затем вернулся, чтобы помочь женщине. Она взяла меня за руку, и мы медленно пошли в сторону автомобиля. Она продолжала благодарить меня за мою доброту. «Это ничего», – сказал ей я, – «Я просто стараюсь относиться к моим пассажирам так, как я хочу, чтобы относились к моей матери». «Ах, ты такой хороший мальчик», – сказала она. Когда мы сели в машину, она продиктовала мне адрес, а затем спросила: «Не могли бы вы поехать через центр города?». «Это не самый короткий путь», – ответил я. «О, я не возражаю», – сказала она. – «Я не спешу. Я отправляюсь в хоспис». Я посмотрел в зеркало заднего вида. Ее глаза блестели. «Моя семья давно уехала», – продолжала она тихим голосом – «Врач говорит, что мне осталось не очень долго». Я спокойно протянул руку и выключил счетчик. «Каким маршрутом вы хотели бы поехать?» – спросил я. В течение следующих двух часов мы ехали через город. Она показала мне здание, где она когда-то работала лифтером. Мы проехали через район, где она и ее муж жили, когда были молодоженами. Она показала мне мебельный склад, который когда-то был танцевальным залом, где она занималась ещё маленькой девочкой. 👇🏿👇🏾👇🏽

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Привет, красивые люди 🤗 Итааак, сегодня я получила свой супер торт (как бы награда, хотя ещё 2 дня до конца марафона 🤨), но торт так восхитительно пах, что я уже съела кусманище. Сразу предупрежу, он без муки, сахара и вообще не торт, а сказка! ☺️ • Посмотрела фильм «Сахар», который так давно рекомендовали. Расстроилась, конечно же. Долго рассказывать о чем он, просто, кто интересуется здоровым питанием, гляньте 😉. Будем грустить вместе! 😄😐 • Творческие планы ГИГАНТСКИЕ, думаю, как бы все спланировать, не утопая в реках неуверенности в себе и своих силах. • Думаю я такая позитивная из-за тортика 🤔 • Тут несколько человек уже спросили, что за марафон и чего Вера ты там вообще творишь?! Кому интересно, могу устроить прямой эфир и все подробно рассказать, о впечатлениях и вообще, поболтать😊 вдруг ! Пишите ❤️

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Мазня какая то получается, когда голова будто ватой набита… ну да ладно. Я всё ещё кашляю, чихаю и всячески изгоняю из себя микробов 😬 Думаю над завтрашним Островом. Как вы понимаете, мысли в мою больную голову приходят разные, смелые и не очень. Поэтому обращаюсь к вам! Готовы ли вы отвечать за свой выбор?!! Готовы ли углубиться в игру?!!!!!Готоооооовы ли познать грани своей души???🤘🏼😐😈 Ладнооо уж, не все так страшно будет, просто завтра внимательно читайте правила 🙌🏼😘🔥

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So pretty

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Pink Sand Beach In The Bahamas Is All The Millennial Pink Travel Goals

Unless they’ve been hiding under a rock trying to catch rare Pokemons (who even plays that anymore?), all millennials will tell you this: Millennial Pink is So. Hot. Right Now.

And you know what else is hot? Summer. And Beaches. And The Bahamas.

You see where this is going…

To anyone still dreamy about dooming summer plans, Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas may just be the perfectly dainty spot you go to relax, unwind, and take some definite #ProfilePicMaterial Instagrams.

Cr: Missy’s Bloom/Instagram

Known for its idyllic weather and delicious local cuisine, the Bahamas have always been a paradise holiday destination. Yet whilst scenic beaches exist the world over, Elle Decor Magazine has recently uncovered the stunning Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island.

Cr: RDD Consulting/Instagram

Shades of pastel pink and gentle rose intertwine and unwind along a fuss-free shore. A perfect pairing alongside those crystal clear turquoise waters, and a match as perfect as avocado and toast. Or matcha and lattes. Or millennials and crippling anxiety.

I mean, the place almost literally looks like an Instagram filter.

Cr: Style Souffle/Instagram

Would it be entirely cheesy to say the stereotypical pink is the girl and the stereotypical blue is the boy and where the ocean meets the shore, they kiss? It would be cheesy? It would? Alrighty.

Cr: Korey Stanley/Instagram

The 3-mile-long beach actually gets its iridescent colour from tiny animals that bear microscopic bright pink shells (Foraminifera, to u & me). Unlike when humans turn pink after too many hours in the sun, this truly makes for a sparkling stunning effect in the sunshine. Granted, this gets played up a bit through photo editing, but we have on good word that the IRL version is a true looker too.

Cr: Jkexin/Instagram

Isn’t this like totally the best beach for watching the sunset and sipping rosé? Cuz the beach looks like a giant male romper on which someone spilled rosé?

Cr: Bailey Beckstead/Instagram

Also, as a final note, does this mean it was actually nature that started the millennial pink trend?!


h/t: Designtaxi

20 Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles You Need In Your Belly This Weekend

Get In My Belly: 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 10/10

Made using an egg batter and poured into spherical shaped-pans, Hong Kong style egg waffles are having a bit of a moment lately. And we completely understand why. 

Originating from popular street food in Hong Kong and Macau, the cutesy egg waffles are referred to in Cantonese as ‘gai daan jai.’ In English, we loosely translate this into ‘bubble waffle’, ‘egg puff’, or, my personal fave, ‘puffle.’

Whatever word may float your boat, take a scroll through a couple of these adorable snacks below, and have them float right into your mouth. Happy eating with your eyes!

  1. Guuuyyys waffles are served! Fresh from the iron!

Cr: Charmaine Mok for CNNGO

  1. Filled with ice cream for your drooling

Cr: via eventsintorontotown

  1. Make it a healthy one, throw in some strawberries.

Cr: Terri R.

  1. How perfect do these look

Cr: Maggie W.

  1. Crispy on the outside, squidgy on the inside

Cr: you-win-lee

  1. Yums on Yums on Yums

Cr: kirbiecravings

  1. Some people look kinda scary from close-up, not this waffle tho.

Cr: Robyn Lee

  1. Want to touch these so bad, like edible bubble waffle wrap

Cr: chickenscrawlings

  1. Dressed like a crepe, but better.

Cr: WilliamsSonoma

  1. I live for that gooey inside

Cr: craving-nomz

  1. Is that nori?Noiiiiceee

Cr: via eventsintorontotown

  1. Hiii loves of my life

Cr: Robyn Lee

  1. As if this could get any better, now sprinkles are making an appearance too! Is it my birthday?!

Cr: Cauldron Ice Cream/Instagram

  1. Bumpy bumpy bliss

Cr: kirbiecravings

  1. Black sesame ice cream from heaven

Cr: Katie C.

  1. S’mores egg waffle cake, we’ve seen it all now.

Cr: Jennifer W.

  1. Say ‘ahh’

Cr: Jackie W.

  1. Pretty as a picture (no, no, prettier)

Cr: Jennifer W.

  1. Green tea egg waffles!

Cr: cravemag

  1. And Ube egg waffles. Thank u <3 

Cr: Michelle S.

Now get in my belly, every single one of you.


Who’s hungry?

This Game Boy Phone Case Is An Actual Games Console So You Can Tetris & Text

Take My Money: 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 🎮 7/10

If you had a Game Boy as a kid and loved playing Snake/Tetris/Tank on it, you’re about to freak the frick out.

A company called Wanle is selling a Game Boy phone case. And not just any Game Boy phone case. A FULLY FUNCTIONING Game Boy phone case that ACTUALLY WORKS as an ACTUAL GAMING CONSOLE. All on the back of your phone.

As you can tell by all the capitalisation – we’re super duper excited about this.

And exciting it is. Aiming to give us a pocketful of nostalgia in the age of social media and sleek AF technology, Wanle’s phone case manages to provide retro gaming minus all the bulky hardware. Even though the appearance of the Game Boy phone case is similar to the original Game Boy, it is thin enough to fit on the back of your phone without looking chunky, and still leaves room for you to use it as a fully functioning mobile device. So you can take selfies AND play snake all in the same device.

Basically, the stuff of all our childhood and adulthood gaming dreams combined.

Available for iPhones 6 to X, the light case snaps onto the back of any of these phone models, and comes with an LCD screen and power supply. Priced at US$24.95, it also includes ten classic Game Boy games, from Snake and Tetris over to Formula One Racing (omg, remember that one??).

Charming and playful, this is totally a step-up from all of your non-gaming console non-active phone cases. Get yours over on the Wanle website, and become the coolest kid in fifth grade.

Errr… I meant, the office.

All images cr: Wanle

Welcome to 2018, Game Boy. #TBT to 1998, you.

What do you think?

This Artist Uses Teabags As The Canvas For Her Incredible Miniature Paintings

#Beautiful: 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵 🍵  10/10

If you throw away your teabags after finishing your tea, this will make you think again.

Artist Ruby Silvious is using teabags as the caffeine-y canvas for her paintings, and the images will make you put down your cup in slow-motion awe.

The New York artist reuses teabags to create an array of miniature paintings, featuring incredibly detailed scenes from forest sceneries and fashionistas over to clever contemporary remakes of classical works.

Silvious tells BoredPanda, “The used tea bag is not very attractive. But while you may see a soggy, stained tea bag, I see a blank canvas. The visual diary records my impression of the moment using the tea bag as a medium, altered to create a new work of art every day. I draw, paint and collage moody, evocative and sometimes whimsical art on the used teabag paper.”

And indeed, it’s quite possibly the most thoughtful and creative medium for a diary. For many people, a cup of tea is a vital (VITAL) part of the day, so why not incorporate this into your recording or impression of the day?

Dreamy and delicate, take a scroll through Silvious’ gorgeous work below. You’ll never sip a hot brew the same way again.

All images cr: Ruby Silvious


Follow Silvious on Instagram, and may you always feel as warm as a cuppa tea.

What do you think?

h/t: BoredPanda

22 Creative Popcorn Recipes To Enjoy With A Movie Tonight

Get In My Belly: 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅 10/10

Grab a handful of these, pop ‘em in your mouth, and say ‘mmmmmm…’

Whether you enjoy it classic buttery or bursting with sweet candy flavour, we gathered our favourite popcorn recipes to enjoy with a movie tonight. Soft, sticky, or downright spicy, there’s something for every taste here. You pick the movie, we’ve brought the snacks!

  1. Classic Butter Popcorn

Cr: biggerbolderbaking

Recipe here.

  1. Spiced Caramel and Masala Popcorn

Cr: loveandflour

Recipe here.

  1. Caramel Marshmallow Popcorn

Cr: Lil’ Luna

Recipe here.

  1. Olive Oil and Parmesan Popcorn

Cr: Gimme Some Oven

Recipe here.

  1. Salted Caramel Popcorn

Cr: Chelsea Lupkin

Recipe here.

  1. Sweet Pink Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Parsley Lemon Popcorn


Recipe here

  1. Black Pepper Kettle Corn

Cr: via foodandwine

Recipe here.

  1. Tequila-Spiked Caramel Popcorn

Cr: Con Poulos

Recipe here.

  1. Bacon Fat Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Salted Caramel Popcorn with Almonds


Recipe here.

  1. Sriracha Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Mexican-Inspired Popcorn

Cr: Ethan Calabrese

Recipe here.

  1. Sour Cream and Onion Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Salted Chocolate Caramel Popcorn

Cr: Diethood

Recipe here.

  1. Chocolate Coconut Oil Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Parmesan Rosemary Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Spicy Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Cr: A Cozy Kitchen

Recipe here.

  1. Churro Popcorn


Recipe here.

  1. Spicy Japanese Popcorn

Cr: foodandwine

Recipe here.

  1. Popcorn with Sesame-Glazed Pistachios

Cr: foodandwine

Recipe here.

  1. And Truffled Popcorn. 

Cr: foodandwine

Recipe here.

Roll the movies. We are ready. 


‘Reasons We’re Not Dating’ Is The Funniest Insta Page About Relationship Fails

LOL: 😂💔 😂💔 😂💔 😂💔 😂💔 10/10

If you’re currently not seeing anyone (or even if you are), buckle up because we’re going on a ride around some of the world’s funniest (and bizarre-est) dating adventures.

An Instagram account called ‘Reasons We’re Not Dating’ is causing a series of reposts and ‘LOL #SoTrue’s on the interwebs, after a group of young women started the page to showcase some of their worst dating experiences.

What. On. Earth.

A bit of a mix between a confessional and the Whisper app, the colourful posts consist of prime inspirational poster/phone wallpaper/artsy backdrops concealed by short quotes stating the ‘reasons we’re not dating’.

These range from the pretty serious “He didn’t know when my birthday was” to the heartfelt “I wasn’t over my ex” to the downright peculiar “He was wearing ladies underwear and it was nicer than mine” and the laugh-out-loud hilarious “He did a poo in my toilet and it wouldn’t go”.


Whether it’s the really very extremely charming presentation or the quotes themselves or just the suave combination of the two, it’s an Instagram account definitely worth following for anyone who has ever dated. Many of the experiences are relatable (“He said he’d rather die than go to Disneyland” gasp) whilst others are more specific and serve as good advice (“I accidentally started talking about my sister’s pubic hair on our first date”). Some are very straight-forward (“He had a sweaty bum”), whilst others dig a little deeper (“He put his name in my phone without a capital letter which I think reveals deep seated psychological issues”).

Honestly, there are so many good ones, we could go on quoting forever.

Take a scroll through some of our faves below, and have a chuckle yourself before forwarding to all your single/not-so-single girlfriends/boyfriends. And if you’re reading this and can think of a couple horror dating (or hilarious dating) scenarios of your own, you can even submit them via DM (it goes down in there after all) on the ‘Reasons We’re Not Dating’ Instagram page. Also, do not worry – all quotes are anonymous, so your sweaty-bum boo won’t be exposed.

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This was Crispin. Crispin was someone I knew when I was a child. We reconnected at a reunion when we were teenagers. He contacted me after and we started to hang out. I thought it was great because he was really generous and kept taking me for meals and buying takeaways then we would watch cool films together. One night I was sitting watching a film with him and he started stroking my leg and back. It was then I came to the chilling realisation that we had been dating this whole time. I immediately panicked and texted my friend to pick me up. As I left he went in for the kiss. I gave him my cheek. He was persistent and went in again. I gave him my other cheek. He tried a third time. I grabbed him in a hug and ran away. We never spoke again. #ithoughthewasagenerousfriend #notouchingplease #clueless #friendzone

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This was Norris. I'm not sure what to say about Norris. We worked together and he was pretty nice but I didn't feel a spark, he was kind of pursuing things anyway though. One day he came up to me with a bit of gossip and opened with, "I heard some news on the great vine". I can't remember anything about what happened after because I couldn't stop thinking about the mythical massive vine that gossip drops off of. I wondered what Marvin Gaye would think. I wondered what Norris sang when Heard It Through The Grapevine came on. I wondered a lot of things… except whatever Norris came over to tell me. #thatsnothowitgoes #hearditthroughthegrapevine #marvingaye #nameshavebeenchanged #reasonswerenotdating

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Follow Reasons We’re Not Dating on Instagram, and stay sassy.

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These Gorgeous Cake Popsicles Look Like They Belong In A Dessert Fashion Show

#DessertPorn: 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 😍 10/10

Prepare to feast your eyes and your belly.

A very talented self-taught baker called Ray Ray is making our drool run and our hearts flutter at the perfection of his beautifully designed and perfectly photographed cake popsicles.

No really, they look like something out of a high end fashion show.

Featuring anything from big and glamorous edible flowers over to geometric patterns and cutesy animals, Ray Ray creates cake on a stick in a manner like we’ve never seen it before.

Well, maybe in our dreams.

Whether you like delicate pastel hues, golden unicorns, or gold-flecked minimalism, Ray Ray creates desserts for many different tastes and styles. And people are noticing.

The Melbourne-based baker is already quite the star on Instagram, as he shares his creations with a whopping 150,000 (probably very hungry) followers. Needless to say, the comment section is overflowing with “😍😍😍” and “❤❤❤” emojis.

For your viewing and drooling pleasure, we gathered some of our favourite cake popsicles ensembles below. Sure to make your regular 99p soft serve feel very, very not-in-Vogue. (soz).

All images cr: Ray Ray/Instagram

Follow Ray Ray on Instagram, and stay beautiful.

Which is your fave?