A Nap Bar Has Opened In Madrid, Serial Nappers Rejoice!

Time to catch those Zzzs…

Whether you take the odd power nap in between tasks during your day, have a little cat nap after getting home from work/school/play, or really follow a religious serial napping schedule, there’s no denying it – the short snoozes we take throughout our day are freakin’ amazing.

It just sucks that sometimes we don’t have a bed handy in the classroom/office/club when we need it.

Until now.

A nap bar called ‘Siesta & Go’ has opened in Madrid – specifically designed to be a napping space for anyone looking for a snooze whilst out in the city.

Anyone familiar with Spanish culture will know that locals take their naps, or ‘siesta’ very seriously, so it was only a matter of time before one of these cropped up.

The nap bar allows sleepyheads to snooze in private or shared rooms, and also offers a lounge for pre-napping. The rooms come in at €12-14 per hour, with coffee, newspapers, nightshirts (!), and slippers available too. It’s almost like a mini hotel stay.

Once refreshed, nappers can enter the real world again and head back to classes/work/play, as the nap bar is conveniently located at the heart of Madrid’s financial district at Azca.

Whilst walk-ins are allowed, booking is advisable, given there are (only) 19 beds, and likely a high number or want-to-nap-ers.

Each bedding is used only once and all are professionally cleaned. Naturally, you’re going to want to stay here forever.

However, if you do have to make it to that 2 o’clock class/meeting/luncheon, an employee will be there to wake you at the end of your session.

The company firmly believes in the benefits of napping, which include tension relief, creativity stimulation, and enhanced performance. Find out more and then maybe take a nap afterwards on the Siesta & Go website.

All images cr: Siesta&Go/Facebook

Now, if only there was a way to get there without having to leave my bed…

Who’s coming?

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h/t: Metro