The New Fifty Shades Teaser Is Here, And Mrs Grey Will See You Now

There’s everything from a wedding to a honeymoon to Christian Grey holding a gun

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The teaser for Fifty Shades Freed has dropped. And it is, as always, hot AF.

With a twist.

The new Fifty Shades teaser was released this Sunday, and comes as the third movie in the Fifty Shades trilogy. Continuing on with the story of Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and BDSM-fanatic and billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), it seems to include everything diehard FSOG fans would hope for. And a little more.

The teaser opens with a man suiting up and a woman slipping into a lace dress. Then, a veil, and a ring on the finger, and it’s clear, the two are getting married. The text on the screen reads, “Mrs. Grey Will See You Now.”


Cr: Fifty Shades Freed

More shots in the new Fifty Shades teaser show what looks like a hot honeymoon somewhere beachy, goosebumps and exhaling, a gun (?!?), jetskis, more goosebumps and exhaling, shooting (?!?!?) and what looks like a man holding a knife to Ana’s neck (not sure if this is foreplay or attempted murder).

Really, watch the clip below and see what you make of it yourself:

The full trailer drops this November, and the movie will be released in cinemas on Valentine’s Day next year (it’s a tradition at this point), and we’re excited to see what it will bring.

What do you think?