There’s A New Friends Episode Where Chandler Dies And It Is Creepy

~The one where Chandler lives on as a ghost~

If you’re a diehard Friends fan, the following may be hard to watch.

A new Friends episode has surfaced, and it features a very haunting storyline where Chandler suddenly gets hit by an ice cream truck. And dies.

This inevitably leaves many questions, like who will end up with Monica? Who would be Joey’s best friend? And, lastly, could this BE any more chilling?

Cr: Kieran Humphries/Dogfood/NBC via NME

One megafan has thought up this alternate storyline, and edited together a ‘lost’ episode – yes, an entire 16 minutes of Monica picking up a drinking problem, and Phoebe trying to pick up a signal of Chandler’s remaining soul.


The smooth cut and paste work takes episodes from all ten seasons, complete with the popular show’s theme song (funnily excluding the parts Chandler was in), and shots of New York city. Chandler appears as a green ghost but the five remaining friends cannot see him and appear to ignore him.

Spooky, uplifting and somehow brilliant all in one, it’s good to see the gang (kind of) back together again. Even if it means that, well, Chandler dies.

What do you think?

h/t: Elle