Oreo Is Releasing Avocado And Unicorn Flavours, Because 2017

Oreo is giving the people what they want.

We’ve had banana split, birthday cake, and pumpkin spice.

For some reason, Oreo likes to mess around with the system from time to time, and release a couple of ~unique~ limited edition flavours. The chocolate biscuit giant is well-known and much-loved for its winning chocolate and cream concoctions, but every now and then they throw in the odd oddball to shake up our lives.

Cr: Oreo

For the latest #MyOreoCreation Twitter campaign, the public got to choose the wacky weird flavours they’d like to see next. And, of course, the responses were a mouthful.

Oreo fans all around the globe had their fun submitting crazy flavour ideas… which Oreo then actually created and sent out to people.

It’s every kid-in-a-candy-store dream come true.

There’s been everything from popcorn and cherry cola over to avocado (shoutout to all the millennials!) and unicorn (blueberry and raspberry creme swirl). However, there is still time to see which flavour will end up taking the cake (cookie). The #MyOreoCreation campaign is on-going until July 14th, so chances are still pretty high that we’ll see some more bizarre (and downright intriguing) flavours cropping up.

I mean, mermaid oreos, anyone? Iced frappuccino? Brunch mimosa?!

Cr: Oreo

It’s every rumbling belly and sweet tooth’s calling to get your creative juices flowing, and maybe, just maybe, be the creator of the next big Oreo limited edition range.

Until then, we’ll just have a smashed avo on toast and eat some Oreos after.

What do you think?

h/t: Metro