This Stunning Glass Lodge Allows Guests To Sleep Right Under The Northern Lights

This takes sleeping under the stars to a whole new level

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Iceland’s Northern lights are one of the world’s most beautiful marvels. A sea of colour across a clear night sky, the northern European country welcomes many tourists every year to admire its natural beauty. Yet whilst most hotels in the area offer some kind of viewing platform to watch the lights, one place in particular is offering guests a truly unique experience.

At the Glass Lodge near Hvalfjörður fjord, guests get to sleep not only under the stars but under the northern lights too, inside a romantic little cottage made entirely out of wood and glass.

Like a hidden sanctuary beneath the earth’s greatest live show, the minimalist glass igloo may seem simple, yet holds back on none of the luxurious details. For those who prefer a hot tub to a bed (😉), the cabin also comes with a private outdoor hot pool, as well as a huge rainforest shower. Besides the usual amenities, there’s also a small kitchen and a dining table where, quite frankly, you could have the most romantic dinner of your life.

(Or breakfast or lunch or anything in between).

A family run business, the Glass Lodge is located in west Iceland, with close proximity to the sea. Besides the beautiful nighttime show, other worthy views include the midnight sun during the summertime, as well as sunbathing seals and whales (whales!) out by the beach just outside.

A wonderful combination of dreamy and adventurous, it’s a fitting stay for any nature-lovers, honeymoon-ers, or anyone looking to get a freakin’ fantastic night’s sleep.

With prices starting at approximately £300 a night, find out more and book your stay over on the Glass Lodge website.

All images cr: Panorama Glass Lodge/Facebook

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