In Australia, You Can Send Nutella Doughnut Bouquets Instead Of Flowers

Best Bouquet EVER

This article was originally posted on 4th June 2017.

Everyone, start prepping those visa docs because after reading this you’re gonna wanna move down under.

A Sydney-based store is selling Nutella doughnut bouquets, complete with a mini Nutella jar and a Nutella-filled syringe with your name on it.

Pinch me because I must be dreaming.


Except it’s definitely not a dream, just one dreamy reality. Dessertboxes sells many different types of edible bouquets, from smarties and chocolates over to cronuts and regular doughnuts. Unsurprisingly, the Nutella doughnut ones are the most popular choice of bouquet.

Yes 100% Yes

I mean, flower bouquets are cute and all, but can you eat them? Also, are they made of creamy Nutella-filled doughnuts?



It’s the perfect gift for any occasion. Even if that occasion is “I Freakin’ Love A Nutella Doughnut.” The personalised syringe is the almost literal icing on top, and comes as a perfect alternative to scooping out the choco hazelnut spread from the jar with a spoon. When no one is looking you could totally syringe that stuff straight into your mouth.

Just kidding, I’d never do that.

(I so would.)

After demolishing the lot…

Priced at 78 Australian Dollars each (approx £45), the sugary bouquets are quite the sweet splurge, but if you know someone who is a massive chocolate doughnut fan, it may just be worth it. Certain to rack up your #InstaCred, if you live in Australia you can order yours over on the DessertBoxes website.

As for the rest of us… we’ll have to pop a stick into the old doughnut and call it a day/bouquet.