The First Official Nutella Cafe Is Opening This Month And It Sounds AMAZING

Just wait ‘til you see the menu…

Put down the Nutella jar you’re eating out with a spoon right now. Pack your bags and book your flights. Because this is real, and it’s really happening.

An official Nutella cafe is opening this month, and will be the very first of its kind in the whole entire world. It’ll serve Nutella exclusively and in various forms, from crepes to gelato to cakes and even fondue.

Literally everyone right now:

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Whilst Nutella-themed cafes have existed in various cities for a while, an ~official~ Nutella cafe has never graced our planet or our palates. Until now.

Step aside unicorn lattes and charcoal juices and rainbow food. And make room for the OG foodie trend and choco-lover’s go-to snack. Nutella has just entered the building.

More specifically – a building in Chicago. The American city has won the choco lottery and will be the first (hopefully of many) to hold Nutella’s first official coffeeshop, run by Ferrero itself.

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Designed to make you feel like you’re “walking into a jar of Nutella” (honestly, #Goals), the menu reads fittingly like a creamy sweet swirly Nutella dream. There’s the classic of crepe and croissants, a grilled baguette topped with the spread, as well as ~healthy~ options such as fruit salad or oats topped with Nutella. If, you for some reason are still friends with someone who doesn’t like Nutella, there’s also paninis, salads, and soups. So Nutella-nay-sayers may also be entertained.

Cr: Nutella Cafe Menu via Scribd

The Nutella cafe will open its doors to budding hazelnut choc enthusiasts inside Chicago’s Millennium Park Plaza on May 31st this year, and the first 400 people to enter are guaranteed a ‘surprise treat.’ Something tells us it’ll be a veeeery delicious one.

But I guess there’s only one way to find out for sure…

See you there?

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