You Can Now Actually Holiday In A Former Pablo Escobar Mansion

Cue the Narcos theme song!

There’s no doubt that with the release of Netflix’s hit tv series ‘Narcos’ last year, the interest in and fascination with drug lord Pablo Escobar’s life has been on a high (pun intended…).

Now fans, explorers, and travel-lovers alike can stay in a famed mansion once owned by Pablo Escobar. And yes, it’s every bit as swanky and surreal as you would imagine it to be.

Located in the Mexican beach holiday haven of Tulum, Casa Malca was actually abandoned after Escobar’s death in 1993. Nowadays, the mansion has been turned into a 40-room luxury hotel, operated by Design Hotels.

And its once so notorious inhabitant isn’t the only interesting part of the property.

The five star hotel is filled with beautiful and unique art pieces, and prides itself on being “a home for thinkers and dreamers.” Located at the end of an idyllic palm-lined street, the mansion is surrounded by 180 metres of white sand beach, making it a serene destination for anyone looking to unwind a little.

Decorated with persian rugs and contemporary art sculptures, Casa Malca highlights its love for art and design by frequently rotating the pieces on show. This ensures that no two visits are the same, but also adds a vibrant touch to every ambience at every time of year.

From a rooftop bar, guests can enjoy tropical views and romantic sunsets, whilst hammocks and cabanas by the beach offer perfect nap spots. It’s a sweet place to kick back with some coke.

Pepsi, of course, is not okay.

There’s also a large pool overlooking the beach, and a secret underground steam room that lights up in different colours. Everything has an otherworldly touch, and you can’t really tell if it’s because you know who has lived here before, or if it’s because you can’t grasp you’re living here right now.

Rooms start at around £400, and you can find out more on the Casa Malca website.

‘Til then. Get stoned. I mean, stunned, looking at the stunning images of the place.

Cue the Narcos theme song!

All images cr: CasaMalca/Facebook

Who’s coming?

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