China Has A Giant Panda-Shaped Solar Power Plant And It’s Freakin’ Adorable

It aims to teach younger generations about sustainable energy

Who said developing solar energy and doing your bit for the environment couldn’t be freakin’ adorable?

China didn’t.

Quite possibly the world’s cutest solar power plant, the UNDP and China Merchants New Energy Group have set up a massive solar power plant in Shanxi in the shape of a panda.


That’s right – the black and white cuddly bear that likes to eat bamboo. The sleepy ball of fluff that likes to nap all day. The playful little fella that makes anyone break out the “Awww”s.

Yup, that cutie.

Cr: Panda Green Energy Group

In an effort to attract young generations, the panda-shaped solar power plant was set up to teach the youth about sustainable energy in a fun and eye-catching way. There will be activity centres, learning stations, and even summer camps. It’s a pretty sweet way to engage with energy development, if you ask us.

Cr: Panda Green Energy Group

Once connected, the plant will have a capacity of 100MW, providing 3.2 billion kWh of green electricity in 25 years. According to the Telegraph, this is the equivalent of reducing 2.74 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

I mean, wowza.

The Great Panda is a national treasure icon for China, and now it seems, could quite possibly stand as a little icon for sustainable energy forms too. With plans in development for similar panda power plants in Fiji and the Philippines, this is definitely a panda with a cause.

Cute and caring. We ship it.


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h/t: Designtaxi/The Telegraph