Pearl Hair Is The Prettiest Way To Look Like A Mermaid This Summer

It’ll make you say, “Mother of Pearl! This is gorgeous!”

If you’re looking for a way to look absolutely magical this summer, this beauty trend may be something for you.

Pearl hair is a thing now, and it is as beautiful as it sounds. Mermaids (real or imaginary), listen up.


Gone are the days where pearls were just used for earrings or necklaces, and here are the days where we’re using these balls of beauty (wow that sounds weird) for various styling purposes. We’ve had pearl-like lipstick and pearl-coloured eyeshadow. And now, we’re turning full pearl with gorgeous pearl hair.

To create the under-the-sea look, super-shiny multidimensional blonde tones are used to give off a subtly dazzling vibe. Ranging from silver over to pink, blue, green, or even rainbow, it’s a trend that allows for much customisation. And it is stunning.

Pretty as a Pearl

However, it’s a look that requires time and effort, as often it takes several dyes to achieve the perfect pearlescent shade. Through the continuous lightening and brightening of colour, warmth is removed and silvery shine gradually weaved in. In the end, the results are like the opening of an unsuspecting oyster, as a beautiful sparkling treasure becomes revealed.


Suitable for many hair lengths and to complement many skin tones, we’re definitely loving this cooling mermaid-like look. From platinum to lavender, check out more of this magical style below, and get inspired.


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h/t: PopSugar