Peen Cuisine Is The Cooking Blog That Will Remind You Of A *Certain* Body Part

Scrumptious AND sexy?

#NSFW: 🙊 🙊 🙊 🙊 🙊 🙊 🙊 🙊 🙊 9/10

Welcome to the cooking website that will encourage you to make food, and also make love.

A saucy blog called Peen Cuisine is causing much awe on the interwebs with their delicious recipes and their racy presentation. Creating penis-shaped food and giving it equally pun-ny names, Peen Cuisine is bringing erotica to the kitchen, for all those times your dinner could use a little more D.

And it actually looks pretty darn good.

Cockamole & Chips

It’s a bit like when you turn vegetables into Mickey Mouse characters to get little kids to eat them. Except, well, the adult version. Ranging from ‘cockamole & chips’ over to ‘pear and gorgonzola peenza’ and ‘fried tofu with peen-nut sauce’, the cooking blog offers a fun spin on regular recipes, all the while bringing a smile to anyone who makes them.

The ~Peen Queens~ state on their website, “We know that sometimes you’re in the mood for fine cuisine and sometimes you’re in the mood for fine peen, and we think you should treat yourself more often. We truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone felt a little more, well, satisfied. So we’re on a mission to share recipes that whet the appetite (among other things).”

Berry Creamed Puffs

It’s cheeky and it’s charming, and a definite twist from regular cooking blogs. However, if you’re wondering about lack of female genitalia representation, do not fear. The website states, “This blog is here to celebrate the men, women, and non-binary folks who are down with the D. We’ve got plans to test out some vagine cuisine in our kitchen very soon though, so stay tuned.”

We can’t say we’re not curious.

Green Peen Ricotta Toast

Take a scroll through some of Peen Cuisine’s fab phallic recipes below, and get some D(inner) inspo.

Cockprese Salad


Miso Corny


Dark Chocolate Cock Pops


Fried Tofu & Peen-nut Sauce


Pear & Gorgonzola Peenza

All images cr: Peen Cuisine

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