This Korean Artist Turns Your Cute Pet Into A Cute Pet Tattoo

I didn’t want a tattoo before… but now I suddenly do.

Have you ever looked at your cat/dog/hamster, and thought, “damn, you cute”?

You probably certainly most definitely have, and now one Korean artist can ink that cuteness right onto your skin with his incredible pet tattoo work.

South Korean tattooist Jiran is attracting pet owners to his store like puppies to the question “Who’s a good boy?”

cute dog pet tattoo

Cr: Jiran via Instagram

The artist creates personalised tattoos inspired by his customer’s pets, and truly captures their charm and personality (and yes, cuteness) in quirky and fun style. Even though tattoos aren’t entirely legal in South Korea, Jiran’s cartoon-style tattoos are certainly proving very popular amongst a modern crowd.

It’s one of the sweetest ways to take your pet with you everywhere, and an adorable way to remember them if they have passed on.

I’ve never wanted a tattoo but seeing my dog as a cheeky work of art may just be worth it. As for the pain, just imagine it being licked on by puppies?

Cr: All Images Jiran/Instagram

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h/t: DesignTaxi