Green Is Too Mainstream: Pink Christmas Trees Are Trending Hard This Year

Green trees = so 2016.

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You know how at Christmas time, we set up a Christmas tree and decorate it nicely with baubles and tinsel and lights?

Yeah, and you know how those trees are usually green? Sometimes natural, sometimes artificial, but always green?

Yeah, not this year.

This year pink Christmas trees are trending hard – and popping up all over the place as a fancy shmancy and downright charming 2017 remake of festive decor.

Woah woah woah

Going down the more unconventional route, pink Christmas trees have been featured everywhere from homes to shop windows and various accounts on social media. Often standing tall in a bright frosty pink (with matching baubles to suit), the festive pink numbers give off a modern minimalistic vibe, all the while sticking up a big middle finger to all traditionally Christmassy evergeen Christmas trees.

Pink Christmas trees are here, and they’re like green Christmas trees’ younger, better-looking sibling.

Here’s a hot pink one

Yet whilst we still sit kind of divided on this new tree colour issue, statistics from eBay show that this trend is no small fad. According to eBay stats quoted in Metro, “there’s been a 615% increase in searches for pink trees…with shoppers still trying to get their mits on pink conifers. Apparently, 18 people every hour are searching eBay for pink Christmas trees. One business, Lancashire-based Festive Lights, sold out of the unconventional festive item by the second week of November.”


Kinda feeling this

eBay Sales Coordinator Gareth Gill states, “We couldn’t believe it – we sell the occasional pink tree each Christmas, but could never have predicted a complete sell out of such an unusual item!”

Gill suggests the rise in pink Christmas tree sales may be linked to eBay’s Christmas advert, which featured a pink Christmas tree. Since its airing, searches for a pink tree have increased by 1040%.

Again, wowza.

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Okay this is v cute

Whether you’re reading this from under your pop pink tree or looking into your green tree suddenly feeling a little uncool… we’ll keep an eye on this trend and report back soon with our findings.

What’s next? Pink Santa costumes? Pink reindeer? Pink candy canes?

Is this the future

Eeeeek – what do you think?