Pink Sand Beach In The Bahamas Is All The Millennial Pink Travel Goals

An IRL Insta Filter

Unless they’ve been hiding under a rock trying to catch rare Pokemons (who even plays that anymore?), all millennials will tell you this: Millennial Pink is So. Hot. Right Now.

And you know what else is hot? Summer. And Beaches. And The Bahamas.

You see where this is going…

To anyone still dreamy about dooming summer plans, Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas may just be the perfectly dainty spot you go to relax, unwind, and take some definite #ProfilePicMaterial Instagrams.

Cr: Missy’s Bloom/Instagram

Known for its idyllic weather and delicious local cuisine, the Bahamas have always been a paradise holiday destination. Yet whilst scenic beaches exist the world over, Elle Decor Magazine has recently uncovered the stunning Pink Sand Beach on Harbour Island.

Cr: RDD Consulting/Instagram

Shades of pastel pink and gentle rose intertwine and unwind along a fuss-free shore. A perfect pairing alongside those crystal clear turquoise waters, and a match as perfect as avocado and toast. Or matcha and lattes. Or millennials and crippling anxiety.

I mean, the place almost literally looks like an Instagram filter.

Cr: Style Souffle/Instagram

Would it be entirely cheesy to say the stereotypical pink is the girl and the stereotypical blue is the boy and where the ocean meets the shore, they kiss? It would be cheesy? It would? Alrighty.

Cr: Korey Stanley/Instagram

The 3-mile-long beach actually gets its iridescent colour from tiny animals that bear microscopic bright pink shells (Foraminifera, to u & me). Unlike when humans turn pink after too many hours in the sun, this truly makes for a sparkling stunning effect in the sunshine. Granted, this gets played up a bit through photo editing, but we have on good word that the IRL version is a true looker too.

Cr: Jkexin/Instagram

Isn’t this like totally the best beach for watching the sunset and sipping rosé? Cuz the beach looks like a giant male romper on which someone spilled rosé?

Cr: Bailey Beckstead/Instagram

Also, as a final note, does this mean it was actually nature that started the millennial pink trend?!


h/t: Designtaxi