Pizza Ice Cream Is A Thing Now So You Can Officially Have Ice Cream For Dinner

It’s our childhood dream come true

People are always coming up with the wackiest ice cream flavours. I mean, we’ve had charcoal, butterbeer, gin and tonic, and now… pizza.

Wait… what?!

Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia is mixing up our favourite dinner into our favourite dessert and serving up pizza ice cream.

That’s right – cheesy, doughy, tomato-y savoury ice cream. Like a pizza that you don’t need to chew. Like a hot slice that’s actually freezing cold. Like a mind-boggling mashup we can’t quite decide is utterly bonkers or sublimely genius.

Cr: LittleBabysIceCream/Facebook

Combining two great Italian creations, it’s ice cream like we’ve always dreamed of as little seven-year-olds. According to the website, it tastes of “tomato, basil, oregano, salt, and garlic.” And whilst that’s definitely a drool-worthy combo, we’re very curious how it must taste frozen and scooped into a cone.

Maybe a fine way use pizza to beat the heat?

Cr: Michael Persico via LittleBabysIceCream/Facebook

Yet for all those who are a little less adventurous, but still love pizza just as much, Little Baby’s Ice Cream also serves up pizza ice cream on top of a regular slice of pizza. Because it turns out you CAN have it all.


Guys, we’re so proud to say the day has finally come. We’ve officially found the perfect excuse for having ice cream for dinner. And also, some more pizza. #Win.

What do you think?

h/t: EliteDaily