This Polar Bear Enjoying Some Pink Flowers Will Give You So Much Life

If you were in need of a pick-me-up, this is it.

If your day was feeling kinda grey and slow, get ready for it to brighten right up.

Photographer Dennis Fast has captured a polar bear in all his glory, as the animal has all the fun in a field of pink flowers.

The unusual and adorably blissful scene features Manitoba, a central province of Canada where pink fireweed blooms much to the joy of this polar bear.

Whilst we normally see images of polar bears around ice and snow, it’s a rare yet ravishing contrast to see one big white bear amongst a field of pink, rolling around and truly enjoying himself.

Just looking at his facial expressions you just know he’s having the time of his life.

Even when he decided to eat a flower just out of curiosity.

<3 Walking in a floral wonderland <3  

All this? For me?

Wake up and smell the flowers. It’ll make your day. Just as they did for this polar bear.

All images cr: Dennis Fast

Now… doesn’t life feel so much more bloomin’ bear-able again?

h/t: UFunk