A Restaurant In Australia Is Serving These Very, Uh, Interesting Fish And Chips

Yes, those are fish and chips, not, uh, something else…

Charcoal seems to be taking over a lot of things we love recently, from ice cream over to coffee. There’s no doubt that the black substance is trending hard at the moment, yet here is one activated charcoal food remake we didn’t quite see coming.

And by looking at the photos, we couldn’t quite understand at first either.

Meet activated charcoal fish and chips.


Yup, those are fish and chips, not… whatever you may be thinking.

For US$14 at the Long Story Short Cafe, diners can enjoy a mouthful of activated charcoal fish and chips, and test that theory of whether you really taste what you see.

Served with a side of beetroot labneh and a salad, it certainly sounds like a scrumptious meal on paper, yet the internet can’t seem to get enough of its photos.

It’s just… it’s just… the resemblance is uncanny.

Beautifully plated

However, if you thought people don’t like to eat good shit (no literal meaning intended here), you thought wrong. In fact, the charcoal fish and chips are one of the cafe’s best sellers. Owner Ly Nguyen tells Mashable, “It has become one of our most popular dishes and we have people lining up at the door for it so we cannot complain.”

In taste, the darker fish and chips taste a lot like the regular yellow and brown versions we know. According to Nguyen, it’s “very delicious fish and chips with a light crispy skin.”

Who’s hungry?

I guess we won’t know ‘til we take a bite.

What do you think?

h/t: Mashable