Popcorn Art: This Artist Uses Popcorn As The Canvas For His Paintings

Sooo tiny!

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Have you ever looked at a piece of popcorn and thought something was missing? Like, something decorative? Perhaps, some artwork? Maybe, a miniature painting?

Hasan Kale gets you. Hasan Kale understands.

The artist is creating true popcorn art by using the finest and tiniest of brushes to create little masterpieces in the most microscopic form. Naming it ‘Artasnack’ (get it?), Kale is painting anything from The Godfather to Spider Man onto these pop-culture-inspired pieces of popcorn.

With each piece taking over 24 hours to create, Kale’s popcorn beautifully conveys the artist’s attention to detail and precision. The unusual canvas is a definite eye-catcher, and a fabulous way to show our love to the good ol’ popcorn that goes beyond a sprinkle of sugar and a smother of butter.

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Featuring anything from the ghostbusters to the X-men, take a scroll through some of Kale’s ~pop art~ creations below. You’ll never look at your cinema popcorn the same way ever again…

All images cr: Hasan Kale

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