What It’s Really Like To Be A Primary School Teacher, Explained Through Comics

These are so good

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Whether you’re a teacher or a student (or an ex-student), you’re going to love and LOL at these so hard.

Primary school teacher Colm Cuffe illustrates a series of chuckle-worthy comics, depicting the struggles, the snotty noses, and the school nativity plays that encompass life educating today’s youth.

From cheeky questions to dealing with parents, the Galway-based artist manages to portray everyday scenarios for a primary school teacher in a charming and light-hearted (yet 100% accurate) way. The black and white comics feature Cuffe himself as the large main character, often bombarded with questions and funny comments by his much, much smaller depicted students.

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The scenes show everything from catching diseases from students to holding onto every little bit of the school holidays, and prove that our seemingly mundane old school teachers are actually far cooler than they might appear.

Why, some of them, even moonlight as illustrators perfectly depicting our everyday gaffes.

Funny and hilariously real, take a scroll through Cuffe’s comics below. We guarantee they’ll make you think back to school days.

All images cr: Colm Cuffe/When’s It Hometime?

What do you think? Which is your fave?

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