A Prosecco Advent Calendar Exists, So Bring On Christmas

There’s a bottle of sparkling wine for each day, with an extra special champagne for Christmas Day!

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We may be lamenting the end of the summer, but here’s a reason to start looking forward to the winter.

A prosecco advent calendar exists, and it’s quite possibly the bubbliest way to count down the days until Christmas.

Cr: prochoiceamerica.tumblr.com

An online shop called The Pip Stop is selling a sparkling wine advent calendar, gearing up to booze you up every day from the 1st to the 24th of December.

Aiming to add a little sparkle to the holiday season, the prosecco advent calendar comes with 24 20cl bottles of boozy good stuff. Besides prosecco, there’s also cava and champagne, as well as a variety of white and rosé sparkling wines. On Day 24, there’s even a bottle of swanky Laurent Perrier Champagne, because, Merry Christmas and all.

Cr: The Pip Stop

It’s a perfect excuse for having a good sip every day in December (as if you needed an excuse tho), and is also a chance to sample some new wines from around the world. Also, the element of surprise as you eagerly open a new door/wine compartment each day is a definite plus.

It’s like being a child and getting excited over your chocolate advent calendar. Except, with alcohol and stuff. #Winning.

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Coming in at a little-bit-whopping £125 per prosecco advent calendar, it’s definitely on the pricier side. However, if you imagine the absolute de-stress and unwind it’ll give you everyday during an otherwise quite stressy-and-boozy festive season, it may just be worth the cost.

Get yours over on The Pip Stop website, and happy slurping!

h/t: Metro