Prosecco Nail Polish Is A Thing And It Is Boozily Beautiful

Not just prosecco color, but prosecco FLAVOR

To anyone who loves a glass of prosecco after a long hard day, and a fine mani pedi pampering sesh to make themselves look and feel fab, we’ve got the ultimate combo for you. 

Prosecco flavoured nail polish exists, and it’s just as cool and confusing as it sounds. 

Cr: Groupon

Whilst sparkling wines have often been the inspo behind nail polish colours, it’s rare to hear of a nail polish flavour. Largely this is because we tend to look at our nails rather than lick them, but let’s run with the idea. 

You know how sometimes parents put gross stuff around their kids fingers to stop them from biting their nails? It’s kinda like that, except the opposite, and flavoured with booze. 

Cr: Groupon

Groupon is producing the polish, and claims that it will genuinely taste like prosecco.  Whilst it is made of alcohol, the varnish will also contain propylene, glycol, sodium saccharin, potassium aluminium silicate, titanium dioxide, and iron oxide. So it’s probably best you don’t use this as an actual prosecco substitute… 

Nevertheless, we love a swanky new accessory, and have now found the perfect one for when we down a glass or seven. 😉 

Who’s coming for a spa sesh? 

And while we’re on boozy beauty products – did you know Wine Lip Gloss exists? 

h/t: Metro