A Chow Chow Named Puffie Is Going Viral For Being Freakin’ Adorable

He looks like a fluffy little pile of mashed potato and he will make your heart melt

Warning: the following pupper we’re about to show you is very, very, very cute.

Meet Puffie. Puffie the Chow.

Puffie is a chow chow puppy, although the jury is still out on ‘puppy.’ I mean, he could easily also be a teddy bear, a marshmallow, or a little piece of mashed potato.

Hi guys

Regardless of bear/mallow/potato, one thing is for sure. Puffie is stealing hearts all around the globe.

Hand massage

Born in China on February 13th of this year (just a day before Vday, so perfect), Puffie actually puffled all the way over to Malaysia as a birthday gift. From there, his new human immediately fell in love with the little pupper, and began posting his daily adorable trials and tribulations on Instagram.

Hiiiiii babyyyy

Featuring anything from naptime to snack time, and every little escapade in between, Puffie the chow has already amassed over 60,000 followers. And he’s only been on the good ol’ ‘gram since June.

Okay this is the cutest thing I have ever seen

However, after a quick scroll through his pictures, it’s easy to see why thousands are falling for the little fluffy pupper. The charming baby with the teeny eyes just poking through his luscious fur is just so darn lovable.

The Chow Chow breed itself is famed for its unique spirit and sweet stubbornness, and is often known for being lazy, shy, and extremely attached to its owner. Whilst this means the breed can be quite difficult to train and take out, it’s really hard to be mad when the creature in question is this cute.

My heart. I can’t. 

I mean, look at him.

How is it physically possible for a creature to be this freakin’ cute?!

Sigh…  is your heart all warm and fuzzy now or is your heart all warm and fuzzy now?

h/t: BoredPanda