These Puppy Haircut Transformation Shots Will Melt Your Puppy Heart

The sweetest transformations you’ll see today

If you were looking for some adorable haircut inspo, you need to see this.

Human haircut transformation shots are nice and all, these but puppy haircut transformation shots are quite possibly the cutest things you’ll see all day.

In a photo series entitled ‘HAIRY’ (very apt), photographer Grace Chon captures some of the most hilarious and heart-warming transformations a few dogs go through during fur grooming. All dogs featured have been groomed in the Japanese grooming style by LA dog groomers Healthy Spot, and come out looking, as Chon puts it, “cute-on-steroids.”

Take a look at some of Chon’s puppy before and after grooming shots below, and prepare for your eyes to turn to heart shapes. Enjoy.

Biggie Smalls






Cr: Grace Chon via Bored Panda


h/t: boredpanda