These Beautiful Rainbow Bowls Will Give You The Brightest Start To The Day

Almost too pretty to eat! (almost)

Get In My Belly: 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈 🌈  10/10

Get ready for the most beautiful (and delicious!) excuse to get out of bed.

Samira Kazan, the mastermind behind AlphaFoodie, is making our eyes swoon and our bellies yearn for her absolutely stunning rainbow bowls.

Made up of a mix of “food artistry, experimentation, and culinary curiosity,” Kazan creates anything from smoothie bowls and breakfasts over to delicately designed sweet treats. After all, the food artist states, “everyone deserves to eat like a king!”

However, the kingly creations come from humble beginnings. Kazan explains that while she was working on her post-doctoral research at Oxford, she was looking for a healthy way to stay full and focused. From here, the student began experimenting with healthy ingredients and super foods, and the rainbow bowls were born.

Drawing inspiration for her love of maths and science (math geeks keep an eye out for the mathematical patterns!), Kazan uses a variety of gentle pastel colours and delicate shapes to form the various breakfast bowls. She describes, “People are becoming more in touch with their food on an aesthetic level and it’s lovely to be able to inspire other people to incorporate healthy, beautiful elements into their own dishes. The saying: we eat with our eyes first is so true! In my case camera first.”

On that note, take a scroll through Kazan’s beautiful rainbow bowls below (and then lick your lips and pick your fave).

All images cr: Samira Kazan/AlphaFoodie

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