Rainbow Churros Are The Most Colourful Ice Cream Topping We’ve Ever Seen

So Instagrammable. 

Step aside, chocolate sprinkles. We have just found the greatest ice cream topping of all time. 

And it features all the colours of the rainbow. 

As if ice cream and churros weren’t enough of a heavenly combo, rainbow churros are a thing now, and they’re making our eyes turn into heart emojis. 

Ok wow

Looking like a true rainbow complete with the arch and everything, the specialty churros are sold by dessert parlour The Loop, who serve the deep-fried sweet treats on their own, on top of a shake (better) or as an ice cream topping (best). 

So pretty

Aside from the sugar high, diners can expect high likes as the super Instagrammable bites are proving quite the trend on social media. Their exclusivity is a strong selling point too, as the churros require great skill to make, and so aren’t so easy to reproduce by other stores. In fact, The Loop prides itself on their handcrafted churros, which clearly go way beyond, and use the sky as their limit. 



Either way, we’re happy to know that we can finally solve the age old puzzle of what lies at the end of the (churro) rainbow. Turns out, it’s ice cream. 

Who would have thought?

h/t: Metro