Rainbow Croissants Have Made It To London To Brighten All Our Days

FINALLY some colour for this grey weather…

If you were looking for something to brighten your day (and your belly), this is it. 

Rainbow croissants have made it to London, and they look beautiful. 

Served at the elegant Hotel Cafe Royal on Regent Street, we couldn’t imagine a more fitting spot to house these colourful swirls of buttery puff pastry perfection. 

I mean, look at them. 

Am I dreaming?

Executive pastry chef Sarah Barber is the mastermind and master baker behind the rainbow croissants, and has crafted a perfect recipe oozing with fun and with flavour. Recently added to the hotel’s breakfast menu, we can already picture guests munching on one (or seven) of these classic crescents alongside a hot coffee and some fresh juice in the mornings. 

You see, in London, when the weather is grey, we get a little creative with our croissants to brighten our day. 

Okay wow.

Yet if you think these babies were just a pretty face with a hollow inside, you think wrong. Shot through with mango, passionfruit, amarena cherry, and pistachio flavours, the morning staples come bursting with summer vibes, and truly allow diners to ~taste~ the rainbow. 

Good morning, please get in my belly. 

A fabulous upgrade from your regular French pastry, we’re definitely saying “Oh la la!” to the latest London foodie must-eat. 

What do you think?