Forget Flowers, Send Bae This Ramen Bouquet For Valentine’s Day Instead

It’s literally a bouquet of cup noodles <3

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Forget nudes, send noods.

If you’re thinking of sending your boo some flowers this Valentine’s Day (or any other day because you don’t need no reason) – stop and send them a ramen bouquet instead.

That’s right. Ramen bouquets are officially a thing, and they’re better than flowers, because you can eat them.

Cr: Nissin

Famous ramen brand Nissin has released a line of mouthwatering and unique Vday cup noodle gifts designed to look like a bouquet of flowers. Available as a bundle of classic, curry, seafood, or mixed flavours, it’s as romantic a gift as we’ve ever seen one.

Think, lady and the tramp sharing a noodle. But like, the Japanese version. And as millennials. Because ramen.


Perfect for all die-hard carb lovers, the ramen bouquet comes with a set of seven cup noodles sitting atop plastic ~stems~ and pulled together inside instant noodle wrapping paper and a noodle-like bow. Yet if you thought these special bouquets were all ramen and no romance, you think wrong. In fact, Nissin has divided up their limited edition gift sets not only by flavour, but also by personal flair. The blue seafood bouquet for example, is for someone for whom you feel “deeper than the sea”, whilst the yellow curry bouquet is for someone who “spices up your life”.

Now that’s romantic.

Cr: Nissin

Funny yet definitely also very tasty, the bouquets are priced at 2980 Japanese Yen (approx US$27), and you can find out more over on the Nissin website.

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