This Paper Art Looks So Realistic You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

These are incredible

If you’ve ever made a paper airplane, this is a little like that. Except, at least 1000 times better.

Artist Fideli Sundqvist creates the most incredible paper art. And it’s going to make your eyes pop and your mind boggle.

The image maker, prop designer, and paper artist uses paper to form and shape various scenes, from the dainty and peaceful to the wild and riveting.

Balancing imagination with serious finesse and skill, her paper art creations are colourful concoctions of playful elements and scenes. Featuring anything from a bed of flowers to an entire continental breakfast spread, it certainly has something nostalgic about it.

Perhaps because we once too created paper sculptures and little origami figures in school. Except, of course, they never ended up looking like this.

Sundqvist has worked for many high-end clients, including the likes of Louis Vuitton and Canon. Her 3-dimensional hold something whimsical about them, attracting many eyes to her work. Take a scroll through some of Sundqvist’s creations below, we have a feeling they’re going to leave you very, very inspired.

All images cr: Fideli Sundqvist