To Everyone Who Graduated This Summer And Is Feeling A Little Helpless

**takes second sadness nap of the day**

So you graduated.

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The day was glorious.

hsm-trash // via Tumblr

You took pictures.

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Many, many pictures.

bbtin // via Tumblr

Your parents showed you off.

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They were super proud.

degrassi // via Tumblr

Like, really proud. 

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But now you sit at home, all, graduated, and stuff.

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Unemployed, in debt, and graduated, and stuff.

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You’re thoroughly enjoying mom’s cooking

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Living rent-free is kind of nice

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After all, you’ve got a busy schedule of naps to keep up

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And it’s kind of sweet to be back in your old surroundings again

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But then the questions start coming

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“What are your plans now?”

iansmerhalder // via Tumblr

“Have you started looking for jobs?”

pandehamburguesa// via Tumblr

“What are you doing with your life?”

unemployedcollegegrad // via Tumblr

Where do you see yourself going?

20swithparents // via Tumblr

“How often in a day can a person nap?”

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And all you want to do is run away to a cave and curl up in a ball for five years

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And you miss those college days so much. 

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But to all recent graduates out there:

somewhere—in—neverland // via Tumblr

Stay strong.

kidpres // via Tumblr

Good times lie ahead

liveyoungandforever // via Tumblr

You’re officially an adult!

marklexie // via Tumblr

You have a degree!

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The world is your oyster!

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We’re all in this together.

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Go on, surprise everyone. 

tessalivesandbreathesbooks // via Tumblr

To great things. 

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(and free food, laundry, and rent until they happen).

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