Riverdale Fans: The Riverdale Diner Is A Real Place Where You Can Sip Milkshakes

Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe is a real!!!

Take Me There: 🥛🍔 🥛🍔 🥛🍔 🥛🍔 🥛🍔 10/10

If you’ve never dreamed of sipping (or romantically sharing) a milkshake with a straw at Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe diner, you are lying.

Or you simply haven’t watched the Netflix hit show (and read the Archie Comics hit childhood literature) ‘Riverdale.’

Yet whether you’re a full on newbie or a diehard fan (eagerly enjoying Season 2 every Wed/Thurs), we have good news for you: the Riverdale diner from the show is a real place. And you can actually visit. And you can order a milkshake. And you can watch as all your dreamy Riverdale dreams all come true.

*pause for Riverdale fans seriously freaking the frick out right now*

Cr: The CW

Pop Tate’s diner from the pilot episode of the ‘Riverdale’ is actually Rocko’s Diner in British Columbia, and one look inside is already giving us Riverdale chills. That neon lighting, those bright red booths, a chequered floor… It feels like one wrong turn and we may just end up in Cheryl’s wrath.

Okay the excitement is real

The Canadian diner is charming with an old school touch, and open 24 hours a day, is definitely a favourite amongst locals. However, if you think you may sneakily bump into Judghead in his beanie or Archie with his abs, we’re sorry to disappoint. Rocko’s diner was only used in the pilot episode of the show. After that, Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe was actually built in a parking lot, and filming continued there.


Regardless, the ~OG~ Riverdale diner certainly has a charm about it, and the menu definitely reads like something Archie or Judghead would tuck into. There’s a mouthwatering range of burgers and sandwiches, fries and desserts, and of course, those famous milkshakes. Fittingly enough, Rocko’s has actually named their milkshakes after the characters on the show. ‘The Veronica’ consists of a cherry cola shake, whereas ‘The Betty Cooper’ is made up of banana caramel pecan.



An array of scrumptious sweet treats and a hint of Riverdale memorabilia – I think we’ve finally found the perfect spot to while away the time as we await a new episode every week.

Who’s coming?

h/t: Spoon University via Insider