A Roast Potato Restaurant Is Coming To London, And It Sounds Very A-Peel-Ing

It’s a ‘roastaurant’!

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To all the carb lovers in the place with style and grace!

A pop-up roast potato restaurant is coming to town, and it sounds spuddin’ fantastic.

Hosted by food company McCain, the ‘Roastaurant’ is opening in East London’s trendy Old Truman Brewery to settle once and for all the debate surrounding the best way to enjoy a good ol’ roast dinner.

Aiming to celebrate all kinds of food diversity (and peculiar roast dinner habits), the #GreatRoastDebate will allow diners to choose from over 100,000 (100,000!!!) roast combinations to find their ultimate fave. There’ll be all the classic staples such as roast chicken and roast beef over to more unconventional dishes like pigeon or brisket, with a side of fried eggs, onion rings, charred pineapples, and, of course, lot’s and lot’s of roast potatoes.

Are you drooling as much as we are?

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Ticking off preferences on a pick-and-mix-style menu, diners will be allowed to let their roast dinner dreams run wild and free. Meals at the roast potato restaurant will be split into two kinds of sittings – one featuring ‘The Full Roast’ and another comprising of ‘Roasts and Gravy’. There’ll also be a special ‘Gravy Microbrewery’ – a giant six metre squared roast potato platter. (Something I’ve always kind of fantasised about, tbh.)

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Cr: McCain

The Roastaurant will open its doors to all carb-loving diners from 8-10 December 2017. Priced at a fair £7.50 for the full roast, and £5 for the roast and gravy sessions, find out more and book your tickets over on the Eventbrite page.

Who’s hungry?