Rose Quartz Nails Are The Prettiest Pink Manicure You Need To Get This Spring

In line with the marble and millennial pink trend

Marble and crystal are probably two of the hottest trends in beauty and living right now. And this may sound incredibly biased, but this is probably the prettiest of them all.ย 

Rose quartz manicures are a thing, and they are the most delicate (yet rock strong!) you have ever seen.ย 

Okay, wow

The cute crystallised nails are made up of a light pink polish featuring those intricate tell-tale crystal white lines. A subtle and sophisticated way of adding to the marble trend, itโ€™s quickly becoming the ultimate #NailGoals all over Instagram.ย 

Known as the ~love stone~, rose quartz is said to emit love and good vibrations. All the while looking pretty in pink at your fingertips.ย I mean, the stuff practically sells itself.ย 

Perfect as the alternative to nude nails, check out some of our favourite variations from around the Insta-sphere below. Weโ€™re sure weโ€™re about to see a whole lot more of this trend.ย 

Luv it

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